Portable appliances are any electrical equipment that is not connected directly into the wiring of the building. They come in all sizes big and small from portable power tools to freezers, but one thing they all have in common is they need periodic testing.

PAT testing in Staffordshire is important to keep your employees and customers safe. RB Services is a leader if PAT testing and will come to your premises to test and inspect each portable appliance to make sure they’re safe for use.

Staffordshire Fire Extinguisher Servicing

The law requires your business to have fire extinguishers tested every year. The reason is they often can sit unused for many years but must always be ready for action. We provide fire extinguisher testing for a variety of clients from commercial and industrial businesses, apartment buildings, educational establishments, and many more.

Our expert technicians visit your business or organisation and provide a visual and mechanical inspection of each fire extinguishers. We check them for proper weight and pressure. Examine the hoses and other mechanisms to make sure they’re in working order.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small business with just a few fire extinguishers or a massive complex with many. We can take care of your Staffordshire fire extinguisher servicing.

EICR Testing in Staffordshire

How long has it been since an expert has looked at your building’s wiring? If it’s been more than five years, then you could have serious wiring problems and not even know. Staffordshire EICR testing and inspection can help save your business from employee or customer injury or even a devastating fire.

Fixed wire testing in Staffordshire is suggested for commercial and industrial businesses every 3 to 5 years. Time can wreak havoc on your wiring, causing many types of problems to pop up that you might not notice.

RB Services for Staffordshire Electrical

We provide a variety of services to businesses in Staffordshire and are happy to provide multiple services on the same day. You can have everything done at one time and not make multiple appointments.

For more information about RB Services, please contact us today.