The West Midlands region has many businesses that need PAT Testing and RB Services is there for them. You use portable appliances every day and you expect them to work properly day to day, but time can cause them to be unsafe.

It just takes one bad day for an appliance to cause an injury. PAT Testing in the West Midlands can help prevent this. In fact, many insurance companies want PAT testing done regularly, so it could help lower your premiums.

RB Services is here for all your West Midlands PAT Testing needs.

Portable Appliance Testing

Are you aware of what a portable appliance is? Many businesses don’t and you use them all the time. A portable appliance is any electrical equipment that plugs into the wall. It’s not connect direct into the building’s wiring. It could be a hair-dryer in a salon, an oven in a restaurant, or computers in an office building.

Our expert engineers will visit your business and examine each portable appliance and verify its safety. Once finished, you will get a detailed report. Listing everything we found. Also notification on when your next PAT testing should be carried out.

West Midlands PAT testing helps keep your employees safe.

Fire Extinguisher Testing and Servicing

West Midlands fire extinguisher testing and servicing is mandatory yearly for all businesses. When was the last time you had your fire extinguishers checked? You can walk by them every day, but they’re often just in the background. You don’t want them malfunctioning if a fire should occur.

Fire extinguisher servicing in the West Midlands keeps your fire extinguishers within compliance of regulations. We’ll examine each one for corrosion or damage as well as check the pressure and weight. We’ll look at the hoses and other mechanisms. Once finished, you will be provided with a detailed report, and we will look forward to seeing you the following year.

Fixed Wiring Testing

Your fixed wiring isn’t something to forget about. Those wires run through every part of your buildings to power your fixed and portable appliance. The last thing employers want is for one of your employees or customers to be injured or for a fire to break out.

Our professional engineers visually inspect your wiring for obvious damage and issues, but also check at least 10 percent of your sockets, lighting and switches for any issues that might lead to overloads or overheating of your circuits and equipment. We want you to know your building is safe or if there are issues you need fixed.

Don’t risk the safety of your employees and customers. Commercial and industrial businesses should have their wiring checked every 3-5 years.

RB Services is West Midlands Choice

When you’re West Midlands business needs electrical testing or fire extinguisher service and testing, their best place to call is RB Services.

If you want to learn more about our many services, then please feel free to contact us today.