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Professional PAT Testing Cannock: Ensuring Workplace Safety with RB Services

Your safety is our utmost priority. At RB Services, we perform comprehensive PAT Testing in Cannock to ensure your electrical appliances work perfectly

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How It Works

Our process is simple yet effective. We first conduct a visual inspection of your portable appliances to spot any initial issues. Then our qualified engineers use advanced equipment to test the appliances, ensuring they comply with safety standards. Finally, we provide a report outlining the results and any necessary actions. It’s important to note that PAT (Portable Appliance Testing), now known as EET (Electrical Equipment Testing), is a critical part of this procedure to ensure your appliances meet the highest safety standards.

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Why Choose Us?

Offering top-notch electrical service in Cannock, Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent, and beyond, we ensure that your business complies with Health and Safety work regulations, assisting self-employed persons and businesses alike to uphold their responsibility of providing a safe environment.

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Personalised Service

At RB Services, we take a personalised approach to each case. Our qualified engineers meet with you to understand your specific needs and provide solutions tailored to your business. You are not just another client; you are our valued partner.

Professional Excellence

Our commitment to professional excellence sets us apart. Our team of certified specialists performs each test with remarkable attention to detail, delivering assured quality services every time.

Who It's For

For Office Managers and business owners in Cannock

At RB Services, we understand the value of a safe and professional work environment. Our service is designed to help maintain electrical safety standards, reduce the risk of accidents, and keep peace of mind.


For School Administrators in Cannock

We are committed to ensuring the safety of your students and faculty. With our PAT Testing services, you can be confident that your school's electrical appliances are safe and comply with all relevant health and safety regulations.


From Hoteliers to Retail Establishments in Cannock

We carry out careful and precise PAT Testing, ensuring that your customers are protected from any danger resulting from faulty electrical appliances.


Why Choose us

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Don’t compromise on your workplace safety. From single-item to large-scale PAT testing, we’ve got you covered. Make the smart choice and schedule your PAT Testing with us today.

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What else we offer

Electrical Testing

The Institute of Electrical Engineers suggest businesses commercial and industrial have their fixed wiring inspected every three to five years. Many businesses don’t see their wiring, so they don’t think about it until something goes wrong.

By then, it can be too late. Regular EICR inspection in Cannock can prevent accidents and injuries as well as finding small problems before they become big problems. Our expert engineers thoroughly inspect your wiring and keep your business safe.

Fixed Wire Testing

Our engineers carry out a visual inspection, to see if there are any frayed wires or other issues that can be seen by the naked eye. They then look deeper checking at least 10 percent of your sockets, lighting, switches to make sure they’re wired correctly and much more.

You will be provide with a detailed report of what we did and what we’ve found upon completion. Ideally, everything is within compliance. However, if not you’ll know about it and can arrange to get things fixed and made safe.

Many times, insurance companies will request or require a Cannock EICR inspection of your business. It’s always a good idea to keep the safety and security of your employees in mind and have periodic wiring checks.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Your fire extinguishers stand silent awaiting a disaster, hopefully that will never come. If a fire does break out in your business, you want to make sure your fire extinguishers are fully working. To beat back the blaze until you can get everyone out or the fire department arrives.

Our certified technicians will come to your business and check each unit for corrosion, pressure, and more. We’ll provide you with a report of everything done that shows any issues we found. Our ire extinguisher sales & service clients vary from commercial and industrial businesses to educational establishments and housing associations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) is an inspection process that tests your electrical appliances to ensure they meet safety standards. This testing is crucial in preventing accidents caused by faulty appliances and safeguarding the health of employees, customers, and students for businesses, schools, hotels, and retail establishments within Cannock and beyond.

Our PAT Testing services are tailored to meet the needs of office managers, school administrators, hoteliers, and managers of retail establishments who want to uphold safety standards for electrical appliances in their respective premises.

Our PAT Testing process starts with a visual inspection of your portable electrical appliances. Our qualified engineers then use advanced equipment to test these appliances, ensuring they comply with all relevant safety standards. We then provide a comprehensive report on the test results.

RB Services is known for its professional electrical service throughout the West Midlands, including Cannock, Staffordshire, and Stoke on Trent. What sets us apart are our skilled engineers, comprehensive testing processes, competitive pricing, and hassle-free experience. Our primary aim is to help you meet the necessary Health and Safety regulations.

Scheduling a PAT test with us is simple. Click on the ‘Schedule a PAT Testing now’ button on our landing page, and you’ll be directed through the booking process.

If you need more information about our PAT Testing, click the ‘Learn more about our PAT Testing services’ link on our landing page. We have detailed information to satisfy your curiosity and help you make an informed decision.

No, our services are not exclusive to Cannock. Though we offer our top-notch PAT Testing services throughout Cannock, we also extend our professional services to other parts of West Midlands like Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent and throughout the UK.

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