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Leading Specialists in PAT Testing Burntwood

At RB Services, we provide certified PAT Testing in Burntwood, ensuring the safety and compliance of your portable appliances. Our team of experienced electricians, with their expert knowledge, top-notch equipment, are here to help. Schedule your PAT Testing Now! or find out more about our range of services.

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Transparent Pricing – Compliant Services for Your Peace of Mind

We’re focused on making PAT testing a straightforward process. We provide transparent and affordable pricing while ensuring excellent service that meets all work regulations and safety standards. We believe in providing exceptional service and excellent results.

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Who It's For

Commercial/Industrial Businesses in Burntwood

Our PAT Testing services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of commercial and industrial businesses. We ensure your electrical equipment reports are up to date, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Schools/Administrative Offices in Burntwood

We offer specialised PAT testing and inspection services for schools and administrative offices, ensuring the safety of your staff and students. We are dedicated to providing a service that satisfies customers and adheres strictly to UK standards.

Healthcare Facilities and Nursing Homes in Burntwood

We understand the critical importance of electrical safety in health care facilities and nursing homes. Our team conducts thorough baseline and fixed wire testing, ensuring the safety of both your patients and staff.

Flexible, Reliable PAT Testing in Burntwood – Your Schedule, Our Expertise

Your business doesn't have to slow down for safety measures. We at RB Services work with your schedule to provide timely and effective PAT testing. Day or night, our proficient team performs inspections and tests without disrupting your operations.

Comprehensive, Quality Assured PAT Testing – We Go Beyond the Basics for Burntwood

We don't just tick boxes; we look into the details. Our testing procedure is comprehensive, we perform meticulous testing for each of your portable appliances so that your safety is never at risk or compromised. Schedule your PAT Testing Now!

How it works

Our PAT testing process, now referred to as EET (Electrical Equipment Testing), begins with a detailed inspection of your electrical systems to ensure they meet UK wiring standards. This is followed by a thorough electrical testing of all portable appliances in your facility. We further provide seamless system maintenance, and a fast, efficient call out facility. We offer regular inspections – ensuring safety, service, and security for your Burntwood area businesses and establishments.

Why Choose us

Experienced Electricians and Top-of-The-Line Equipment: Our Commitment to Your PAT Testing Requirements in Burntwood

  • We guarantee safety and security, allowing your businesses to thrive without electric-related concerns.
  • We provide transparent pricing – no hidden costs, no surprise charges.
  • We offer flexibility in scheduling the service, causing minimal disturbance to your routine operations.
  • We assure superior service through our team of experienced electricians and top-notch equipment.
  • We offer comprehensive services, covering all areas of electrical testing and system maintenance for commercial/industrial businesses, schools/administrative offices, and healthcare facilities.
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What else we offer

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Don’t underestimate the importance of your fire extinguishers. They’re not just a decorative part of the scenery, but a vital tool should a fire occur. They can sit idle for years, so the law requires yearly fire extinguisher maintenance in Burntwood to make sure they stay functional.

Fire extinguisher may be the only thing between people getting out of the building safely or being trapped by flames. Our fire extinguisher service and inspection in Burntwood guarantees your extinguishers will work when required.

We can handle small businesses to large corporations that may have dozens of extinguishers on the premises.

Fixed Wire Testing & Inspection

Don’t let faulty wiring cause serious injury to your employees or destroy your business in an electrical fire. Over the years, wiring can malfunction, and wires can become frayed. Commercial and industrial businesses should have a 3 to 5 yearly electrical inspection

If it’s time for your business to have an electrical wiring check then call RB Services. We offer high quality fixed wire testing and inspection in Burntwood. Our certified engineers can inspect and test your wiring to make sure it’s within regulation standards. Periodic electrical testing in Burntwood may even help lower your insurance rates.

EICR Testing

Ensure your property’s electrical safety with EICR testing in Burntwood. Our certified technicians conduct thorough assessments, identifying potential hazards and ensuring compliance. Trust our expertise for detailed reports and expert advice, safeguarding your property and peace of mind. Schedule your test today.

In Burntwood, EICR testing is a vital step toward electrical safety and compliance. Our accredited team meticulously inspects your electrical systems, providing comprehensive reports and recommendations. Whether for residential or commercial properties, rely on us for top-notch service and peace of mind. Schedule your EICR test now for a secure environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) is an essential aspect of a company’s health & safety policy to ensure that staff and members of the public aren’t harmed by any electrical or portable appliances within a business’ premises.

Our process begins with a detailed inspection of your electrical equipment to ensure they meet UK standards. This is followed by the thorough electrical testing of all portable appliances. We also provide seamless system maintenance and a fast, efficient call out facility.

Alongside reliability and flexibility, we offer quality assured PAT Testing. We provide services that go beyond basic testing, ensuring your appliances and systems are compliant with all safety standards.

Our team conducts thorough testing, ensuring the safety of both your patients and staff at healthcare facilities and nursing homes.

The frequency of PAT testing largely depends on the type of environment and the equipment usage. We recommend regular inspections to ensure safety and compliance.

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