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Ensure Electrical Safety with Leading PAT Testing Lichfield

RB Services specialises in Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), now commonly known as Electrical Equipment Testing (EET), for businesses, schools, care homes, hotels and similar industries across Lichfield. Our trained and qualified staff conduct rigorous inspections and assessments to ensure your various electrical appliances and equipment is safe to use.

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Your Go-To Choice for PAT Testing in Lichfield

Our engineers cover Lichfield and the larger West Midlands region, ensuring all your electrical appliances meet safety standards. We pride ourselves in offering fixed prices with no hidden charges, providing you with a free quote before anything begins.

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How Our PAT Testing Works:

  1. Trusted PAT testing starts as soon as we arrive at your location. We begin by examining all technical devices and IT Equipment for any visible signs of damage.

  2. Next, we carry out a sequence of electrical tests. Any failed devices are diligently recorded and quarantined to avoid any future safety risks.

  3. Finally, You will then receive a detailed report, keeping you informed of our findings and recommended remedial actions.

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Transparent Pricing: Affordable PAT Testing in Lichfield by RB Services

If your office requires Portable Appliance Tests, trust RB Services for affordable, comprehensive, and effective Lichfield PAT testing services. With us, you are guaranteed an unmatched experience.

Who We Serve

– With our pat test services, local businesses in Lichfield have enjoyed reduced risks and better compliance. “RB Services has been our go-to for PAT tests over the years. They consistently deliver as promised – Janet, Local Business Owner”

– Care homes, offices, and schools trust our thorough and reliable portable appliance test service. “The team at RB Services always exceeds our expectations. They are speedy, professional, and thorough – Mary, Care Home Manager”

– Sector-specific services, from hotels to retail businesses, along with other similar establishments are available to ensure electrical safety compliance. “Safety is paramount in our hotel and RB Services has never let us down. Their PAT tests are comprehensive and reliable – Liam, Hotel Manager”

Why Choose RB Services for PAT Testing in Lichfield

Service we provide

We provide a comprehensive service, taking care of everything from the initial inspection to the next-day report, ensuring optimal electrical safety in your establishment.


Our Team

Our team comprises trained and qualified staff, adept and experienced in handling, testing, and reporting on a range of electrical equipment.


Our Company

We are a local company covering Lichfield, Staffordshire and the West Midlands, giving us an edge in understanding local needs and providing rapid responses.



A no-surprise billing policy with a free upfront quote and a fixed price guarantee. You only pay for the service you get, with no hidden costs.



Our customer testimonials attest to our relentless pursuit of excellence in service delivery and customer satisfaction.


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What else we offer

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

The law requires a yearly inspection of your fire extinguishers to make sure they will work properly in case of a fire. RB Services can provide your Lichfield fire extinguisher maintenance without providing a major disruption to your business.

We’ll measure the weight and pressure to make sure they’re within proper parameters and visually check each extinguisher for corrosion and other damage. You hope to never have to use a fire extinguisher, but you want to know it works if you do. Fire extinguishers inspection and servicing in Lichfield can give your peace of mind.

Inspection and Testing of Electrical Wiring

When you’re starting a business or every 3 to 5 years when operating your business, you should have the building’s wiring inspected by professionals to make sure everything is up to requirements. In fact, it’s a requirement for many insurance companies.

Fixed wire testing in Lichfield can find many small problems before they become major problems. Over time, wiring can break down just like anything else and that could lead to injury or even fire. You don’t want to lose your business because of an electrical issue.

EICR Testing

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) testing is essential for assessing the safety and compliance of electrical installations in buildings. EICR testing identifies potential hazards, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of electrical systems, ultimately prioritising safety for occupants.

Our engineers are up to date with all the latest rules and regulations, so when you receive our report, you’ll know it contains the most current requirement information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

PAT is a safety procedure that involves inspecting and testing electrical equipment for safe usage. This testing helps businesses and organisations to comply with health and safety regulations.

Businesses, schools, care homes, hotels, and similar establishments that use electrical equipment need PAT testing. Ensuring safety and compliance with health and safety regulations is crucial for these businesses.

RB Services provides PAT testing in Lichfield, the West Midlands region and Nationwide.

Our trained and qualified staff start by examining all technical devices and IT equipment for signs of damage, then carry out a sequence of electrical tests. Any failed devices are recorded and quarantined. We then provide you with a detailed report the highlighting our findings and recommended actions.

If any devices fail the PAT test, they will be carefully recorded and quarantined to prevent any future safety risks. We will provide you with a full report detailing the failures and our recommended remedial actions.

Our pricing is transparent and affordable, with no hidden charges. The cost varies depending on the quantity, type of equipment to be checked and your location. Contact us for a free quote.

RB Services is known for its advanced PAT testing and professional service. We deliver next-day reports, offering comprehensive and reliable service. Your safety is always our top priority! 

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