It can be devastating when an employee or customer is injured in your business. It’s even worse when you know it could have been prevented. Your employees use portable appliances every day without thinking about the safety of operating it.

Warwickshire PAT testing helps prevent injuries by making sure your portable appliances are safe to use. What is a portable appliance? They are your photocopiers, power tools, or any other electrical appliance that is not directly connected to the building’s wiring.

Our professionals will visit your business and examine each portable appliance and make sure they’re up to safety standards. If not, you’ll know and can remove it from use until fixed or replaced.

Warwickshire Fire Extinguisher Testing and Inspection

Small businesses may only have a few fire extinguishers on their property, but large complexes and industrial factories have many spread out. It doesn’t matter how many extinguishers there are, they all need to work if they are needed.

RB Services will examine each fire extinguisher and inspect it visually for corrosion and damage. We’ll check out the pressure and weight to make sure they’re within the required limits. We’ll go over every aspect of the fire extinguisher and certify it as operable or describe any issue in our report.

RB Services can help maintain your fire safety no matter how big or small the business. We pride ourselves in fast and efficient service for fire extinguisher servicing in Warwickshire.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

When a fire breaks out in your business, it’s a stressful and harrowing time. Your first instinct is to grab the fire extinguisher and battle the blaze so everyone else can get out safely. This isn’t the time for you to worry if the fire extinguisher will function properly or not.

The best way to keep them in full working order is for yearly Warwickshire fire extinguisher testing and servicing. The law requires these yearly inspections and it should give you peace of mind knowing that if there is a fire, your extinguishers are up for the task.

Warwickshire Fixed Wire Testing

Your wiring runs throughout your building, and odds are you think little about it. It powers everything, but time and wear and tear can cause it to malfunction, leading to injury or fire. Fixed wire testing in Warwickshire can keep your business and employees safe.

It’s recommended that commercial and industrial businesses get their wiring checked every 3 to 5 years. If it’s been longer, then call RB Services for your EICR testing in Warwickshire. Our professionals will test and inspect your wiring to ensure it’s safe.

Call RB Services for Electrical Testing in Warwickshire

Your customers and employees deserve to work in a safe environment and RB Services can help provide that for them. Call us today and we’ll schedule an appointment. We can even do multiple services in one day.

If you want to learn more about our services, then please contact us today.