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Expert PAT Testing in Dudley: Ensure Your Property’s Safety With RB Services

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Who we are

RB Services is Dudley’s reliable source for Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), now known as Electrical Equipment Testing (EET). Regardless of the recent terminology development the service remains the same. We specialise in conducting thorough electrical tests to ensure safe and functional appliances in your building. Be it businesses, residential buildings, or rented properties, our qualified engineers are ready to inspect and test your portable and fixed electrical appliances.

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How It Works

Our process is simple and streamlined. Firstly, a visual inspection is conducted, carefully checking appliances for any signs of damage or wear that could compromise safety. Following this, our expert electricians perform a series of intricate electrical tests using specialised equipment. Finally, once completed, we provide a detailed report, recording test results, and noting any failed items that need to be dealt with.

Our Commitment to Quality

At RB Services, we don’t just meet your electrical safety standards—we exceed them. We commit to providing top-notch service, giving you confidence in the safety and performance of your electrical equipment. We ensure your business meets health and safety regulations to prevent electrical failures that could result in injury or damage.

Be a Safety Advocate

Ensure your electrical appliances are tested and certified safe by professionals. Don’t take chances with electrical safety.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to Portable Appliance Testing in Dudley, RB Services sets the standard. We use the latest equipment to perform thorough tests. Our team of qualified engineers deliver detailed reports, and a certificate affirming the safety of your electrical appliances. We take the stress out of compliance so that you can concentrate on your core business.

A proud local PAT testing company, we service Dudley, West Midlands, and beyond, offering unbeatable quality and price.

Contact us today for a dependable PAT service in Dudley.

Benefits of Choosing us

Unmatched Experience

With numerous years of industry experience, our electricians have developed extensive knowledge and skills. They have seen it all and fixed it all, making them the go-to experts for all your PAT testing needs in Dudley. Whether it’s a minor fault or a significant electrical issue, our team of professional engineers is just a call away.

Experienced, Qualified Engineers

Our team is adept at identifying potential faults and rectifying them to ensure electrical safety.

Detailed Reports

Each PAT test includes a comprehensive report, ensuring you're informed about the health of your electrical systems.

Flexible Service

We provide PAT testing for both commercial and industrial establishments, adjusting to your specific needs.

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What else we offer

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

If the unthinkable happens and a small fire erupts in your business, you want to make sure your fire extinguishers are up to the task. Dudley businesses must have their fire extinguishers serviced yearly. We provide a service package that makes sure your extinguishers are up to requirements and in good working order.

Don’t take chances with your business. Make sure all fire extinguishers are inspected regularly and are compliant with all rules and regulations.

Fixed Wiring Inspection and Testing

RB Services understands that over time all wiring can degrade, and this can lead to fires and accidents. We’ll come to your business and do a visual inspection for obvious signs of faulty wiring, functional testing, polarity testing, and much more.

We’ll provide you with a report that includes any issues we find. So you can work on becoming compliant with regulations. Your wiring is a vital part of your business and when it begins to fail it’s a danger to everyone.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Your fire extinguishers can mean the difference between minor damage or complete business loss, but only if they’re in full working order. We provide fire extinguisher servicing in Dudley and surrounding areas.

RB Services provides all your inspection needs, but we also provide a wide range of fire extinguishers for sale. We have a wide variety of Dudley clientèle from businesses to educational organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the process of ensuring that electrical appliances are safe to use. It involves conducting thorough inspections and electrical tests to identify potential faults and rectify them.

Our PAT services are crucial for building administrators, business owners, and property managers in Dudley who prioritise electrical safety in their properties and workplaces. It ensures the safety and functionality of electrical appliances, thereby preventing potential electrical accidents.

Our process is simple and streamlined. It begins with a visual inspection to check appliances for signs of damage or wear. Followed by a series of intricate electrical tests conducted by our qualified engineers using specialised equipment. Finally, a detailed report of the test results, including any failed items, is provided.

The frequency of PAT Testing varies depending on the type of appliance and the environment it’s used in. Specific guidance can be given once we understand more about your property and the appliances used.

PAT Testing minimises the risk of electrical accidents by ensuring that appliances are safe to use. It also helps in fulfilling the regulatory requirements for electrical safety in buildings. Plus, with RB Services, you get detailed reports for all appliances tested for your records

While we are a local PAT testing company in Dudley, we extend our services to the West Midlands and beyond. We are committed to offering unbeatable quality PAT Testing irrespective of your location.

It’s easy! Simply contact us or use the ‘Schedule your PAT Test now’ feature on our webpage to book a time that’s convenient for you.

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