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Secure, compliant, and with your interests at heart, we are here to ease the complexities of electrical safety for appliances in businesses like yours. Schedule your PAT testing today!

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How It Works

With RB Services, the PAT Testing process, now known as EET (Electrical Equipment Testing), is straightforward and hassle-free. Our experienced and qualified engineers first conduct a thorough inspection of your electrical appliances. They will identify any potential wiring issues, test the appliances for safety and issue a validated PAT test certificate in accordance with the current regulations. You’re left with peace of mind, knowing your equipment is secure for your employees and customers to use.

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Who It's for

Our PAT testing service is specially designed for Small to Medium Enterprises in Coldfield and large organisations such as offices, hotels, schools, and care homes:

Here are testimonies from a few of the many local businesses we have kept safe! 

“Safety and compliance are crucial for our business. RB Services made PAT Testing simple and hassle-free!” -Local Cafe Owner

“RB Services provides comprehensive inspection and top-notch testing services for our hotel. We breathe easier knowing our guests are safe!” -Hotel Operations Manager

“RB Services’ meticulous attention to detail, coupled with their expertise, makes PAT Testing a breeze for our company. Highly recommended!” -Factory Site Manager

Qualified Engineers With a Commitment to Safety

Our team of qualified engineers go above and beyond to ensure your electrical equipment is safe. Their dedication, coupled with the meticulous inspections they conduct, has worked towards RB Services being a top provider of PAT testing Sutton Coldfield.

Century Tested Safety

As a well-established business in Sutton Coldfield, we align ourselves with the deep community ties and strong business ethics that define this region. We value not only the safety of our clients and their employees but also the wider safety of the community. Precise testing of portable appliances and equipment, in-depth in service inspections, and certified fire extinguisher checks are cornerstone services we provide for a safer business environment.

Why Choose Us

Why should you trust RB Services for your PAT Testing in Sutton Coldfield? It’s simple. We provide a seamless experience, ensuring your business complies with legal requirements, while prioritising safety. 

With RB Services, you get more than just a service. You get a partner committed to ensuring your business in Sutton Coldfield is compliant, your equipment is safe, and your operations go uninterrupted. Each test is conducted by experienced, qualified engineers in accordance with national safety requirements. Don’t compromise on safety. Choose RB Services for your PAT testing needs.

Tools and Techniques We Use

As a well-established business in Sutton Coldfield, we align ourselves with the deep community ties and strong business ethics that define this region. 

Safe and Efficient

Our PAT testing utilises the latest tools and technology to ensure your appliances, equipment, and systems are operating safely and efficiently.


Strict Protocols

We follow strict protocols and comply with all national standards for electrical safety.


We Test

Our electricians carry out rigorous tests and inspections, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring your safety.


Meeting Regulations so Your Business Can Thrive

Beyond committing to safety, we commit to helping you comply with regulations. Our PAT test certificates are thorough, and we also offer advice on how to maintain safety in the future. Serving businesses, landlords, and even large companies, we ensure everyone is operating safely in accordance with legal requirements.

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What else we offer

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Your fire extinguishers are designed to fight small fires until you can get everyone out or until the fire department arrives. It’s important you have regular fire extinguisher maintenance in Sutton Coldfield to keep your employees and customers safe in case a disaster happens.

Your fire extinguishers may never get used, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need occasional upkeep. Sutton Coldfield fire extinguisher maintenance keeps them in full working condition and identifies problems that could cause them to not function.

EICR Inspection and Testing

When was the last time you had someone look at your electrical wiring? It’s probably been a while and that could be dangerous for your business. Wiring can become faulty over time, as wear and tear can fray wires and impact electrical systems.

We can provide fixed wire inspections and testing in Sutton Coldfield to make sure your wiring is safe. We’ll examine it visually as well as run numerous electrical tests to see if everything is up to requirements. We’ll provide you with a report with our findings and ideally give you peace of mind.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

By law all businesses are required every year, to have inspections of their fire extinguishers carried out. To make sure they’re still in working order. Our experts come out and inspect the extinguishers for visible corrosion and other issues. We also check weight and pressure. As well as checking all the hoses and other mechanical parts to make sure they’re also in working order.

If a fire occurs, you need to know your extinguishers are up for the job. Once we’ve examined all your extinguishers, we’ll provide you with a thorough report. We’re just not a company for small businesses either, we can handle inspection for companies with hundreds of fire extinguishers spread throughout their building or factory floor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

PAT Testing, or Portable Appliance Testing, involves the inspection and testing of electrical appliances to ensure they’re safe for use. It’s a legal requirement for businesses to reduce electrical hazards in the work environment.

RB Services is a trusted partner offering thorough, professional PAT testing services. Our qualified engineers carry out detailed inspections and tests in accordance with national safety and compliance laws.

Any electrical appliance that can be moved while connected to an electrical supply, including computers, extension leads, and portable equipment, qualifies as a portable appliance.

Any business or organisation utilising electrical appliances needs PAT Testing. This includes small and medium businesses, commercial organisations such as hotels and schools, and industrial setups in Sutton Coldfield.

From portable appliances to complex electrical systems, our qualified engineers carry out efficient inspections, testing your appliances. You will then be  provided with an electrical condition report. This report will signify if your appliances are safe for use. With our PAT testing services, you get peace of mind and compliance, knowing that your portable electrical appliances and equipment are tested and safe for use.

The testing frequency varies depending on the type of equipment and its use. However, for businesses, it’s recommended to have PAT Testing done at least once a year to maintain workplace safety and law compliance.

The cost of PAT Testing with RB Services varies depending on the extent and nature of the appliances to be tested. However, we can assure our services are competitively priced and 

of the best quality.

A Service You Can Trust

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