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The ancient parish of Aston

The ancient parish of Aston (now known as simply Aston) was rather large. It was separated from Birmingham’s parish by A.B. Row, which is now just 50 yards long in the Eastside of the city. Aston Manor, which was known initially as Aston, was governed by a Local Board from 1869 and became an Urban […]


The name for the region was derived from the mining of salt which was once significant throughout the entire region. Saltley was at first an unconfirmed parish that was part of a landholding owned by Adderley family, and its descendants. They founded Saltley Hall in the area that is today Adderley Park. The family relocated […]


The 19th century was when Nechells was a populated area, with a large number of homes and factories being constructed. From Ireland there was a massive influx. The town was classified as an Aston hamlet within Aston, the parish Aston and the borough of Birmingham County Warwick in 1868. With Duddeston and being connected to […]

History of Small Heath

The village of Small Heath is continuously used and inhabited for centuries, has been a popular destination since Roman times, sits on the top of a small hill. The elevated area offers an agriculturally poor land area on sandy and gravel as well as clay glacier drifts that allow for adequate grazing for cattle. The […]

History of Balsall Heath

In between Moseley Village and Birmingham City Birmingham, Balsall Heath was initially agrarian land prior to the 1850s when development along Moseley Road brought the two together. The area was once included in King’s Norton parish in Worcestershire before it was made an incorporated county town of Birmingham in Warwickshire on the 1st of October, […]

The Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

The Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park is a tiny zoo on the outskirts of Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham, England, that was formerly called the Birmingham Nature Centre and previously the Birmingham Zoo. It’s run and maintained by Birmingham City Council. The zoo works with visitors and locals in addition to conducting scientific research, including EEP […]

Star City

Star City is a family entertainment and leisure centre in Nechells, Birmingham, England. It is located near the junction of the M6 motorway and Aston Train Station northeast of Birmingham. The station is marked by a distinctive white edifice with red circular windows. Development The abandoned industrial zone was re-developed in an attempt to bring […]

St Andrew’s

St Andrew’s is a football stadium in Birmingham, England. It has served as the home ground of Birmingham City Football Club for almost a century. St Andrew’s Trillion Trophy Stadium was renamed from 2018 to 2021, owing to sponsorship. The club replaced the Muntz Street ground, which had become too small to accommodate the club’s […]

Perry Park Hydrology

The Perry Park project was funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), English Partnerships and East Staffordshire Borough Council. The work took place between 2002 and 2012, and involved improving flood defences and creating a nature area to help wildlife flourish in the area. In accordance with the SMURF (Sustainable Management of Urban Rivers and […]

Aston Hall

Construction on the hall began on April 16, 1618, when Sir Thomas Holte moved in. The structure was completed in April 1635 and is now Grade I listed. It’s situated within a vast park. Villa Park, which was formerly part of it, is the home ground for Aston Villa football club. An assault by Parliamentary […]

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