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Perry Park Hydrology

The Perry Park project was funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), English Partnerships and East Staffordshire Borough Council. The work took place between 2002 and 2012, and involved improving flood defences and creating a nature area to help wildlife flourish in the area.

In accordance with the SMURF (Sustainable Management of Urban Rivers and Floodplains) project the river was altered in 2005 in order to slow the flow, reduce flooding, and provide better areas for animals to live in.


In the year 2010, the sluice gate panel needed proper repair and as a result of this an assessment was carried out to see which part of the structure suffered from deterioration. In addition, it is important that every aspect of work for any land will have to come with consent from the planning authority.

Perry Park has many amenities such as public toilets, cafes and toilets, a playground, fishing pool and plenty of space for sports. There are also footpaths surrounding the Tame River which make it easy for visitors to get up close to nature.

The park covers around and is well equipped with swings and slides for children as well as plenty of space for adults to have a picnic or play on the large grass area. There are also tennis courts nearby if you would like to get involved with some competitive sports whilst in the park.

There is plenty of parking available at Perry Park making it easy for people to drive up and enjoy everything that the park has to offer. You can find the park by following the Tame Valley Way, which is clearly signposted.

The main aim of the project was to improve the River Tame’s flow and reduce the risk of flooding. The project also provided local people with new facilities for walking, relaxing and exercising.

During this time, 500 trees were planted along the riverside, over 200 tonnes of soil were moved to create meadows and wetland habitats, 6km of hedgerow was planted and a navigable sluice gate was installed.

The project has had a huge impact on the surrounding area, making it an even better place to live and visit. It has also improved the rivers flow which benefits local wildlife. or check out aston hall or go back to homepage


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