Fun Things to do in Birmingham, UK

The people of Birmingham, UK, are a diverse bunch. Whether you’re looking for cultural adventure or want to explore the city’s rich history, it is an exciting place with plenty of activities and events to keep you busy all year round. If you’re new in town, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best things that Birmingham has to offer so that your first weekend here will be full of fun memories!

1) Explore the City Centre:

Birmingham’s City Centre is one not-to-be-missed attraction with some beautiful architecture and fabulous shops. You’ll find everything from medieval ruins and contemporary architecture side by side on this scenic stretch that runs through Digbeth High Street. Best of all, if you’re travelling on a budget, Digbeth is home to many free attractions such as the Ikon Gallery and The Guild of Handicrafts.

2) Visit the Museum And Art Gallery:

Head to the city’s famous museum and art gallery for some educational fun! As well as their permanent displays, Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery has plenty going on throughout the year, including temporary exhibitions, so there will always be something new to see. From Egyptian artefacts to Pre-Raphaelite paintings, this venue has it all. Plus, with regular special events thrown in (such as weddings), you’ll never have an excuse not to get cultured here!

Birmingham Museum

3) Enjoy the Countryside:

Birmingham’s outskirts are full of beautiful scenery and natural treasures. If you fancy escaping the busy city for a while, why not visit one of its many parks or go hiking in the countryside? Packhorse bridge is the perfect place to have a good run on an old Roman road for travellers who love to get active- it’s said to be one of the best routes for taking it easy! Alternatively, if you prefer history over outdoor activities, Sutton Park is conveniently located within close range. From iconic buildings like Edgbaston Waterworks Museum to small attractions like Birmingham Botanical Gardens, this area has something for everyone.

4) See the Football:

There’s no better place for football fans than Birmingham City FC when it comes to sports. This team has been playing since 1875, which makes it one of the oldest in the UK. So whether you’re a long-time supporter or want to have an excuse to visit the pub, this is one venue that won’t disappoint with its unique history and modern facilities. Plus, with Premiership action at St Andrew’s only 30 minutes away, you’ll never miss a match!

birmingham football club

5) Check Out Birmingham’s Markets:

A city is known for its culture also has some fantastic markets that attract people from all over England. The biggest attraction is Frankfurt Market, which brings together Germanic style clothing and accessories and fine art painting, making it perfect for those looking for something different. Shopping isn’t the only thing to do there either because there are plenty of quirky shops and restaurants, including several Asian eateries where you can get fantastic food.

6) Go Bowling:

What better way to burn off those calories from the Germanic eats than by going bowling? You’ll find several well-established bowling alleys in Birmingham, including Tenpin, which offers more lanes on two floors plus a café, pizzeria and bar. The best part is that they are open all year round so you can go after work or during the weekend for a fun activity with your friends regardless of what time of year it is! This venue offers special deals as well, so be sure to check them out when you visit!

7) Show Off Your Clothes at Moseley Market:

One thing that’s hard to miss while driving through this area is how diverse it is. With Indian and Pakistani restaurants lining the streets along with European delicacies such as Turkish kebabs, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a new world. The best part is that Birmingham’s Moseley Market brings in people from all over, including residents who like buying locally made food and crafts. It’s one of the most popular markets in England so be sure not to miss it!

8) Visit the Polar Sea IceCaps at The IMAX:

For a truly unique experience, take a trip to Birmingham’s Grand buildings to see the frozen Arctic and Antarctic with this IMAX theatre built especially for your enjoyment. It features actual footage filmed by polar explorers, which makes it an authentic viewing experience. In addition, you’ll be sure to learn something from the educational films they play here!

9) Stroll Through Birmingham’s Parks:

Try going outside and getting some fresh air! Birmingham has several parks throughout its city centre which make it easy to get away from it all. Kids will especially enjoy visiting Centenary Square, where they can play on climbing frames while you take in the nice weather (and deal with any tantrums that might be brewing). Plus, if you want more accessible access to nature, there are also plenty of walking paths along with the canal system so you can explore without worrying about traffic jams or rush-hour crowds!

10) Check Out Birmingham’s Museums:

If you’re looking for a more educational experience, visit some museums where you can learn about history in a fun way. Start with Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to see how far back the area goes or go to the Library of Birmingham, which has a free entry as part of its status as an independent college in the UK. In addition, there are also plenty of amazing galleries, including Ikon, which offers modern art while hosting events every month!

Birmingham, UK, is an excellent place for people looking to have some fun while exploring different cultures. You can do so many things in the area that it’s hard to decide where to start! For those who want something educational and enjoyable at the same time, try visiting one or more museums which will teach you about history without boring you with lectures. You’ll also never be bored here because there are always new exhibitions coming up so take your pick from among them and enjoy yourself!

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