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Leading PAT Testing Services in East Midlands – Ensuring Your Safety

Look no further for professional and reliable PAT Testing in the East Midlands! We, at RB Services, prioritise your electrical safety by offering a comprehensive range of inspection and testing services.

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How It Works

We provide quick and efficient PAT Solutions in three simple steps. First, our qualified specialists conduct thorough inspections of your electrical appliances and equipment. Then, they carry out standard-compliant EET (Electrical Equipment Testing),(formerly known as PAT), to ensure maximum safety. Lastly, you receive a detailed report, helping you maintain adherence with work regulations and guaranteeing your peace-of-mind.

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Who It's For

Whether you’re a local business owner, a school administrator, or a care home manager, our PAT Services are designed to meet all your electrical safety needs. We have carried out testing across different premises ranging from commercial establishments to care homes and schools in Nottingham, Newark and Lincoln.

“The team at RB Services are reliable and efficient. As a school administrator, I trust them to handle our PAT testing needs. They provide great value for money.” – Testimonial

“RB Services provides consistent quality of service. As a care home manager, I appreciate their regular inspections ensuring our electrical equipment is always in top shape!” – Testimonial

Empowering Your Success: Testimonials

Are you a local business owner in the East Midlands? We ensure your office equipment stays safe and compliant, helping you build a secure work environment.

“RB Services is a trusted partner for our business. Their reliable services keep our office equipment safe and compliant.” – Business Owner Testimonial

Or perhaps, you’re a school administrator? We offer comprehensive PAT Testing services to ensure electrical safety for staff and students in East Midlands schools.

“The team at RB delivers proficient PAT testing in our school, ensuring the safety of our staff and children. They are our preferred choice for electrical safety.” – School Administrator Testimonial

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the care home managers! RB Services ensures reliable and regular safety checks for care homes, with a human touch and care, much like your own.

“We rely on RB for regular safety checks. Their attention to detail and care ensures our residents are always in a safe environment.” – Care Home Manager Testimonial

Round the Clock Support

We believe in building relationships through service. Our team is ready round the clock for any queries or support you need. At RB Services, your safety is our priority.

Why Choose Us

We offer compliance-oriented services without compromising on quality. Our wide range of services includes Portable Appliance Testing, Fire Extinguishers check, and more. Participation in regular practice and continually updated knowledge allows us to provide an unparalleled, efficient service.

When you choose RB Services, you’re settling for nothing but the best. Our services ensure you’re adhering to the legal requirement of maintaining electrical safety. Enjoy great value for money with our efficient service and free lead tests.

Don’t risk the safety of your employees and clients. Ensure your premises are secure today. Request a quote now!

Our Unique Advantages

At RB Services, we take pride in offering not just service, but solutions. Our multidimensional approach towards PAT Testing allows us to go beyond conventional boundaries. We ensure your electrical equipment and appliances are tested, inspected, and certified to meet all necessary regulations and standards.

Get more than what you expect because at RB Services, we fulfil more than just requirements, we fulfil peace of mind. Our skilled experts conduct thorough tests so that your safety concerns are addressed with utmost precision

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Don’t wait for a safety hazard to strike. Choose RB Services and secure your premises today. Visit our website now to request a quote now for a safer, compliant future. Your safety journey begins here, with RB Services, the leading PAT Testing service provider in the East Midlands.

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Be safety conscious. Stay compliant. Enjoy cost savings. Contact us at RB Services today and experience the best PAT Testing services in the East Midlands!

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What else we offer

Fixed Wire Testing

EICR Testing in the East Midlands is important for the safety of your employees and customers. RB Services have expert engineers proficient in the latest rules and regulations, so you know you’re getting the best.

Our experts will visually inspect your wiring for obvious signs of wear and tear. Also at least 10 percent of your sockets, lighting and switches will be checked to make sure they are correctly installed and wired. We go over your wiring with a fine-toothed comb to make sure it’s safe and within required guidelines.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

You hope to never have to use your fire extinguishers, but if you do, you want them to be in full working order. Years of not being used can lead to corrosion, loss of pressure, and other issues that could keep it from functioning.

The law requires yearly fire extinguisher servicing and inspection in the East Midlands. We’ll examine each fire extinguisher carefully and provide you with a report that details everything we did and found.

Fixed Wiring Electrical Testing

When your wiring becomes faulty, it can cause serious injury or death. An electrical surge or other mishaps can be a serious problem. Many times they could have been prevented with East Midlands fixed wire testing.

Wiring problems don’t usually happen overnight and instead get worse and worse over many years. Commercial and industrial businesses should get their wiring checked every 3 to 5 years. When was the last time you had your wiring checked?

Frequently Asked Questions:

PAT testing, which stands for Portable Appliance Testing, is a safety procedure carried out to inspect and ensure the safety of electrical appliances. Ensuring these devices properly function prevents unforeseen accidents and confirms adherence to safety and work regulations.

PAT testing ensures the safety of employees, clients, and anyone using the premises. The testing significantly reduces the risk of electrical fires associated with faulty equipment. It’s critical to ensure regular checks for electrical safety.

Typically, business owners, school administrators, care home managers, or anyone who uses electrical appliances in a professional setting in the East Midlands region should consider our services. Maintaining electrical safety is crucial for ensuring a safe working environment and meeting legal requirements.

We offer a comprehensive service in three steps. First, our specialists carry out thorough inspections of your appliances. Then, we conduct PAT testing to maximise safety. Lastly, we provide a detailed report, helping ensure your work practices remain compliant with safety regulations.

RB Services offers expert, quality services without compromising on compliance. Our wide range of services, including PAT Testing and Fire Extinguisher checks, is delivered with efficiency and professionalism. Thanks to our ongoing training practices, we stay current with testing standards and techniques, providing you with the best service p

You can simply request a quote now through our website. We offer a simple and easy way to get your quote and arrange for your PAT Testing services with just a few clicks.

After you receive our detailed report, it should be kept as part of your safety compliance records. Regular inspections and adherence to the suggestions listed in the report can help maintain a high standard of electrical safety in your premises.

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