Every business has appliances big and small that aren’t fixed to the main wiring of the building. These portable appliances should be periodically checked for safety. PAT testing in Royal Leamington Spa makes sure your employees and customers use safe equipment.

We inspect and certify the safety of fixed equipment, movable equipment, and even handheld equipment. We will work with businesses and other organisations to find a time that is convenient for them and won’t impact business.

Portable Appliance Testing

You’ll be surprised how many portable appliances a business has. Everything from industrial tools to computer equipment should be periodically inspected for safety. Once the testing is complete, it is labeled as safe and includes a reminder when it should be inspected again.

Hard Wire Testing

Building wiring doesn’t last forever. Eventually, it can degrade and lead to injury or fire. Many insurance agencies require hard wire testing, but it’s also important for the safety of your employees and customers.

If you’re getting a PAT test, why not have us inspect your hard wiring as well. We’ll examine the wiring visually for obvious issues, but also provide additional testing to make sure you’re within compliance.

Don’t risk your business or employees’ safety when we can find any issues and report them to you.

Fire Extinguisher Service and Sales

The law requires yearly servicing of your existing fire extinguisher system to make sure they’re in the required condition and fully charged should they be needed. If your business requires additional fire extinguishers, we also supply a wide variety for sale that comply with all regulations.

We check your fire extinguishers for corrosion damage, operating pressure, and more. We provide a thorough review to make sure your business stays safe.

RB Services can help your business remain compliant, contact us today to schedule an appointment.