With considerable electricity at work regulations in place it is vital to ensure that you are operating electrical safety at work whilst maintaining compliance with legislation.

We offer total electrical testing & compliance services from testing to repairs, allowing our clients to be rest assured that the electrics in their working environment are safe.

The compliance of electrical testing falls into two areas: fixed installation testing and portable appliance testing (PAT).

Fixed Installation Testingimage

This involves the testing of electrical equipment / circuits and systems that distribute electricity around a building- whether it is domestic or commercial. All electrical circuits in a building that are fixed, such as lighting, socket outlets, supplies to air conditioning and other fixed plant need to be tested. Tests will be carried out by our expert engineers and upon completion a report will be compiled with their findings.

PAT Testingimage

This is the systematic checking of any equipment that is fitted with a plug and is categorised as stationary, moveable, hand held and portable. Our engineers will ensure that all portable appliances in your working environment are thoroughly tested. It involves visual checks and combined inspection and testing using a PAT test meter. Our service addresses all the demands of relevant legislation, regulations and standards that surround safety in electricity. Once the necessary testing has been completed our engineers will then deliver a complete report – detailing their findings.