When the businesses and organisations of Wolverhampton need PAT Testing, they call RB Services. We are the leader in portable appliance testing and also carry out many other services. When it’s time for your businesses’ appliances to be tested for safety, call us for professional and efficient service.

Portable Appliance Testing

Wolverhampton businesses should periodically have PAT testing not only to meet insurance guidelines, but for the safety of your employees. Regardless if it’s industrial equipment or office equipment. RB Services can work with you to find a time that doesn’t impact business much.

We specialise in testing portable appliances and providing peace of mind that everything is up to legal requirements. Once we’ve completed your testing, we issue the appliances with a label that certified its approval. We issue a full detailed report, as well as a reminder of when your testing needs carrying out again.

Fixed Electrical Installation Wiring Testing

While we’re known for PAT testing, we can also look at your fixed wiring to make sure it’s safe. It’s important to periodically inspect your wiring. To make sure they can handle the load and that they are within regulations and safe. A hazardous wiring situation could lead to disaster.

We’ll look at your Wolverhampton fixed wiring to make sure it provides a safe working environment.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Are you a new business that needs fire extinguishers to keep up with compliance or an existing business needing a yearly servicing? RB Services has everything you need. We have all sizes of extinguishers and do a thorough inspection and servicing of your existing extinguishers.

You can even double up fire extinguisher servicing in Wolverhampton with our PAT testing and have everything done at one time.

Contact Us for Electrical Testing Services

It’s important that businesses have a safe environment for their workers. PAT testing and our other services provide you with peace of mind. Wolverhampton businesses want to keep everyone safe and that’s why they call RB Services.

If you want to learn more about our services and offerings, then please contact us today.