Portable appliance testing is an important part of running a business in West Bromwich. You want your employees and customers to work and shop in a safe environment and PAT testing ensures that happens.

RB Services is a respected leader in testing and provides professional and efficient service to West Bromwich and surrounding towns and counties. Call us if you need PAT testing services or would like more information.

West Bromwich Portable Appliances Testing Services

PAT testing is often suggested by Health & Safety officers or insurance companies. It is a method of ensuring a safe working environment for West Bromwich employees. A portable appliance is any electrical equipment that is not fixed to the permanent wiring of a building. If there is a plug that uses an socket outlet, then it’s considered portable.

This goes for everything from microwaves to computer servers. We come to your business during business hours or when closed, whichever is most convenient for you, and inspect all your portable appliances.

Once the inspection is complete, the appliances are certified within compliance and you are provided with a reminder for the next testing period.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Businesses need to have their fire extinguisher serviced every year and RB Services can handle all your needs from West Bromwich fire extinguisher sales to inspection and servicing. Why not add fire extinguisher servicing when we do your PAT testing. It’s smart and efficient.

Fixed Wire Testing

When was the last time your fixed electrical wiring was checked? Over time, wiring can begin to fray and cause problems. Faulty wiring can lead to injury and fire if not taken care of promptly. Inspection is also often a requirement for insurance.

RB Services provides extensive testing and inspection to make sure your wiring remains in compliance with regulations. Regardless if we find something, you’ll receive a report that outlines everything we did and if there were any faults.

If you want to know more about the many services offered, please contact us today.