When was the last time you’ve had your portable appliances tested for safety? All it takes is one faulty appliance to cause a major injury or damage to property. It’s important that businesses do portable appliances testing in Telford.

Did you know that you can likely lower your insurance rates with regular PAT testing? There are so many benefits to PAT testing in Telford that it’s almost a foregone conclusion. Do it for the safety of your employees and customers and to save a little money on your insurance.

What is PAT Testing?

Every business has portable appliances. They are anything that is not connected directly to the wiring of the building and instead uses a plug. Over time, the equipment can begin to wear down and malfunction. This can eventually lead to an injury.

PAT testing in Telford is a good way to be sure your equipment is safe. We come out to your business and test your equipment. If there deemed safe or not, you will receive a full report listing our findings. We will notify you when you should next perform testing.

We can arrange a time before opening or after closing if it helps decrease the disruption in your business.

Telford Fire Extinguisher Testing

You walk by them every day, but how often do you think about your fire extinguishers. You likely don’t until you need them, so be sure they’re up for the task with yearly Telford extinguisher inspection.

When you get your fire extinguishers tested by RB Services, we comply with all regulations. That makes sure your fire extinguishers are up to standard. We open cartridge extinguishers to make sure the weight is checked, and internal components are inspected.

We make sure dip tubes, hoses, and other mechanisms are in full working order. When a fire breaks out, you need your fire extinguishers to be ready for the fight.

EICR Inspection and Testing

Your fixed wiring can also become worn over time and lead to accidents and injuries. It’s also an important factor for many insurance companies that may request a fixed wiring inspection in Telford.

Our fully accredited engineers will examine your wiring visually to verify there are not obvious problems and then check that the fuse board is safe and that is has proper circuit breakers and residual current devices protection along with many other tests.

Once the inspection is over, you’ll receive a condition report that is backed up by testing results. The Institute of Electrical Engineers suggests 5 yearly electrical inspection for industrial and commercial properties.

RB Services Handles All of Telford’s Electrical Testing Needs

When you need PAT testing or fixed electrical testing, we’re here for you. You can even schedule them together so you can have everything done at once. RB Services has a reputation for great and efficient services whether its PAT testing in Telford or fire extinguisher testing.

If you want to learn more about our many services, then please contact us today.