Portable appliances are anything that uses a plug and is not connected directly into your building’s wiring. They can include the servers that contain your information, to the industrial tools used every day by your employees.

These appliances should be in safe working order for the safety of your employees. PAT testing ensures your portable appliances are certified safe. It’s not only a good idea for employees and customer protections, but also for your insurance.

Periodic testing could help you lower your insurance rates since they know everything is certified safe. Don’t take risks with your employee’s safety and get Tamworth PAT testing today.

EICR Testing Tamworth

The Institute of Electrical Engineer suggests commercial and industrial businesses have their fixed wiring checked every 3-5 years. In fact, many insurance companies strongly request or require periodic Tamworth fixed wire testing.

It’s a win-win for everyone. The insurance companies know your wiring is safe and could lower your costs and you have peace of mind that your wiring is within compliance guidelines. Our engineers are specially trained and up to date with all the latest governmental regulations.

The report we provide you is thorough and explains both what we did and our findings.

Fixed Wire Inspection and Testing

Fixed wire inspection in Tamworth can help keep your employees safe. Also makes sure your wiring is within required operating parameters. Over the years, it’s possible wiring can begin to fray and malfunction.

This could lead to an electrical problem injuring an employee or causing a fire that could destroy your business. Many times, these problems start out small and become bigger, so an EICR inspection and electrical panel testing in Tamworth could catch these problems early.

You’ve invested your life into your business, so don’t let an electrical problem take away your dreams. Schedule a Tamworth EICR testing today.

Fire Extinguisher Service and Inspection

Anyone that has had to use a fire extinguisher during a fire, understands their importance in helping people get out of the building until the fire department arrives. For most businesses, fire extinguishers just sit unused for years. However, they still need to be maintained regularly.

The law requires yearly fire extinguisher annual service and maintenance in Tamworth. It’s important because we make sure they are in full working order in case a fire happens. We inspect it for corrosion and damage, check the weight and pressure, and make sure all the mechanisms work.

You’ll receive a report with all our findings and the knowledge your fire extinguishers are working properly.

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The safety of your business and employees should always be on the top of your mind. RB Services can provide numerous services from PAT testing to fixed wire inspection in Tamworth to make sure everyone can work safely.

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