If you’re an employer, then you need to have your appliances tested regularly. It’s important that portable appliance testing in Stafford is done at the appropriate time for the safety of you, employees, and customers.

We provide thorough and professional PAT Testing in Staffordshire and surrounding areas.

What is PAT Testing ?

Portable appliances are any equipment that is not a fixed installation, but anything with a plug for a socket outlet or generator. Depending on the industry, it could mean computers, tools, cooking appliances, vending machines, etc.

Employers and other organisations in Stafford need PAT testing to make sure there are not any dangers from electrical equipment. Once an electrical appliances is inspected and passed, it will be provided with a label that proclaims it safe. You will receive a reminder of when it should next be inspected.

Fire Extinguisher Services

We don’t just do PAT testing but offer a wide variety of services including fire extinguisher services. According to law, all fire extinguishers require servicing yearly. We have a regular and fully documented service package that keeps your fire extinguishers compliant.

Stafford fire extinguisher services are fixed priced, with no hidden fees. Call us to schedule your appointment today.

Fixed Electrical Wiring Inspection

Your building’s wiring can degrade over time and lead to possible fire or injury. We’ll examine your hard wiring in Stafford and make sure it’s within compliance. Don’t take chances with the safety of your employees and customers. Get your fixed electrical wiring inspected today.

Contact us For Compliance Testing Needs

RB Services is one of the most respected testing services in the area and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and professional testing that you can rely on.

If you’re interested in any of our services or would like to learn more, then please feel free to contact us.