How long has it been since someone has looked at your building’s wiring? It’s probably been a while and that’s not safe. Time can take its toll on building wiring causing shorts and potential injury. RB Services EICR testing can find any issues you’re wiring may have and provide you with a thorough report that outlines our findings.

Our EICR testing can find issues that might overload or overheat equipment. Discover safety issues with bonding or earthing of equipment and faulty electrical work that may lead to injuries. Our electrical testing is thorough and done by accredited electricians.

Fire Extinguisher Testing and Inspection

Our expert technicians will come to your business and inspect your fire extinguishers making sure they follow all rules and regulations. We check for signs of corrosion, make sure it’s the correct weight and operating pressure, and more.

We provide Rugeley fire extinguisher inspections to local authorities, educational establishments, housing associations, and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a large corporation, we can handle your inspection and servicing.

If a fire breaks out in your business or organisation, then make sure all your fire extinguishers are in tiptop shape.

PAT Testing in Rugeley

You’ll probably be surprised at the number of portable appliances you have in your business. Everything from the drills an industrial company might use to the ovens and microwaves of restaurants. You use these machines every day and you want to make sure they’re safe for your employees and customers.

We’ll examine each of your portable appliances and make sure they’re in working order and safe for use. Regardless if we deem it safe or find issues, you’ll receive an overall report of our findings as well as notification of suggested testing for the future.

A proper PAT testing program not only helps your employees, but impresses insurance companies so much they might lower your premiums.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Your fire extinguishers sit collecting dust in your business because you’ve never had to use them, thankfully. That doesn’t mean they don’t need yearly servicing and inspection. If a fire should break out in your business, then you want them in the best possible shape.

Fire extinguishers may help save a life or prevent injury until the fire department arrives. The law requires fire extinguishers be inspected every year. RB Services can make the yearly inspection hassle-free and a breeze for your business.

RB Services for Electrical Testing

RB Services has a reputation for hard work. We can provide a variety of services to help your business stay safe and within code. If we do find any issues, you’ll know exactly what it is and why it’s an issue. Don’t trust the safety of your business to anyone else.

If you would like to know more about RB Services and what we can do for you, then please contact us today.