Portable appliances include anything not connected to your main wiring, such as anything that requires a plug. Your computers, photocopiers, tools, and other items all fall under portable appliances. They should be checked periodically since they can wear down over time leading to injury.

PAT Testing Rugby makes sure all your items are in working order and safe for use. We’ll come to your business and carefully examine each machine and certify it as safe or not. You’ll receive a report that goes over our findings good and bad.

Rugby Fire Extinguisher Testing and Servicing

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business with only a few fire extinguishers or a large industrial complex with many fire extinguishers. RB Services can handle any job big or small quickly and efficiently. We can work with you to find the perfect time. It can even be before you open or after you close.

Our expert engineers know everything there is to know about laws and regulations, so when we come out to inspect and test, you know you’re getting the best Rugby fire extinguisher testing and servicing. We’ll visually examine each fire extinguisher for corrosion and other damage. We’ll check how much pressure it has and the weight.

We look over the hoses and other mechanisms to make sure they’re not worn and in full working order. You’ll receive a thorough report and we’ll see you next year.

EICR Testing in Rugby

According to The Institute of Electrical Engineers, they recommend commercial and industrial businesses have their wiring inspected every 3-5 years. They know that problems with wiring can lead to fire and injury, so periodic testing is necessary.

Wiring problems usually start small before they become major, so catching it early can save you trouble in the future. Bad wiring can lead to injury or fire, so can you afford to have periodic checks?

EICR testing comprises a visual inspection of the wiring to make sure there not frayed or other visible damage. They also check the earthing and bonding adequacy and check consumer unit, wiring and electrical accessories to make sure they’re within regulation standards.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Testing

Your business needs to have a set number of fire extinguishers on the property depending on size and other factors. Fire extinguishers need to be tested and inspected ever year by law. This is to ensure they’re in full working order in case of a fire.

We understand you probably don’t think about your fire extinguishers often, but you don’t want them to malfunction when there is a fire. Rugby fire extinguisher testing makes sure they’re working for when you need them.

Don’t let a faulty fire extinguisher lead to injury or worse, when we can keep them in working order.

RB Services for Your Electrical Testing Needs

You know you need these electrical testing services and fire extinguisher inspection, so why not order multiple services together. We’ll work with your business to find the perfect time for our services.

For more information about RB Services electrical testing company, please contact us today.