Do you know what portable appliances are and that they should be regularly inspected by professionals for safety? You may not, but PAT Testing Redditch is an important part of maintaining safety in your business.

A portable appliance is anything that uses a plug and is not connected directly into your wiring. This may include your business photocopier, industrial microwave, or your computers and server equipment. Our engineers examine these for safety and provide you with a report with any issues we found or if everything is ok

We even provide you with information on when the next time you should do more PAT Testing. Don’t risk the health of your employees and customers because of unsafe portable appliances.

Redditch Fixed Wiring Inspection and Testing

When our engineers visit your business, we provide an extensive look at your wiring. It can begin with a visual inspection to make sure there isn’t any obvious damage or signs of wiring being frayed. We check your electrical systems against the UK standards and evaluate their efficiency with special attention to deterioration and defects.

Once we’ve completed everything, you receive a report that outlines everything we did and our findings. In addition to keeping your business and employees safe, many insurance companies request or require regular inspections.

RB Testing is a leader in EICR testing and inspection in Redditch, so call us when you need your wiring inspected.

EICR Testing

The wiring behind your walls controls everything electrical in your business. When it begins to break down over time, the result could be a devastating fire or electrical injury. It’s a good idea to periodically have your Redditch fixed wiring inspected by professionals.

Our accredited engineers know all the wiring regulations, so when you see our report, you know we’ve looked everything over completely and thoroughly. Your business needs to be safe for the sake of your customers and your employees.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Testing

Have you ever used your fire extinguishers at your business? For those that haven’t, they’re a reminder to be vigilant and those that have, know exactly how important they are. RB Testing does fire extinguisher servicing and testing in Redditch to keep your business safe in case of a fire.

Our experts come and examine each fire extinguisher to check for corrosion, operating pressure, and weight. We check all the hoses and other mechanisms to make sure they’ll work when needed. You’ll receive a report with our findings once we’re done.

We can handle any business from a small shop with only a few fire extinguishers to a massive industrial complex or office buildings with hundreds.

RB Services Is Your Place for PAT and Other Testing

We’re known for our expertise in PAT testing. However, don’t forget about booking us for our other services too. We can book multiple services on the same day, so you can keep everything fast and simple.

If you want to learn more about our services, then please contact us today.