Every day your employees use portable appliances during their workday. It could be occasionally such as a special tool or for hours on end like a computer. They may seem innocuous, but if something should go wrong, they could cause injury or other issues within your business.

It’s important to get periodic PAT testing in Nuneaton to make sure portable appliances are safe for use by employees and customers. You don’t want a photocopier to shock one of your employees or server to overheat and cause a fire.

PAT testing keeps your employees safe by certifying each portable appliance as fit for use.

Portable Appliance Test

What exactly is a portable appliance? You use them every day and may not even know that’s what they are considered. Any electrical appliance that is not connected directly into the building’s wiring is a portable appliance. You connect it via a plug and thus technically can move it anywhere.

Our expert engineers will come to your business and examine your various portable appliances and make sure they’re in full working order and safe for use. You’ll receive a detailed report that describes our findings and any issues that we discovered.

We’ll also provide you with a suggested time for your next Nuneaton PAT testing. Don’t let your employees or customers suffer injuries because of a faulty portable appliance. Call RB Services today and schedule your appointment.

Fire Extinguisher Testing

You probably walk by your fire extinguishers every day and don’t think about their care and maintenance. It’s easy to forget about them until you need them. When a fire strikes, you want a working fire extinguisher and not one that’s low on pressure or corroded.

Fire extinguisher testing in Nuneaton is required every year by law, so if you haven’t had yours tested in a while, then it time to call RB Services. We’ll visit your premises and carry out fire extinguisher visual inspection for damage and other issues and make sure it’s properly functional in case of fire.

A fire extinguisher is your only means of defence to hold off a fire until your people can get out of the building or until the fire department arrives. It could mean the difference between no injuries and severe burns.

EICR Testing

When your wiring starts to become faulty, it could mean serious injury or even the loss of your business. It’s suggested that wiring for commercial and industrial businesses be checked every 3-5 years. When was the lasts time your wiring was inspected?

RB Services are professionals in Nuneaton fixed wiring testing and can make sure your wiring is safe and passes all regulations. If we do find anything, it will be detailed in our thorough report that goes over everything we did and all our findings, good and bad.

RB Services Helps Your Business

Many of the services we offer are often requested or required of many insurance companies. You can lower your insurance rates by verifying portable appliance safety and more.

If you want to learn more about our many services, then please contact us today.