Your business needs to provide a safe and secure working environment for your employees and customers. Therefore, many insurance providers require the periodic testing of any machinery not connected directly to your building’s wiring.

Once we’ve completed the test, the portable appliance is labelled as safe as well as a reminder on the next time it should be tested.

Fixed Electrical Installation Wiring Testing

RB Services is known for portable appliance testing but did you know we can also examine your building’s wiring. If you’re a Derby business and you worry that your business isn’t within compliance, then let us look at your fixed wiring.

We’ll make sure it’s up to regulations and identify any safety problems. Check out the many services we offer.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

In addition to testing your portable appliances, we can also service your fire extinguishers. The law requires to have fire extinguishers serviced and evaluated at least once a year. We can work with your schedule and make the servicing as efficient as possible.

You can also have your fire extinguisher servicing and PAT testing done at the same visit. If a fire breaks out in your Derby business, make sure your fire extinguishers are up to the task.

Fixed Wiring Inspection

As a business, you want your customer and employees to be safe. Old wiring can degrade with time and become a serious hazard for fire or injury. If you or your insurance company worry about your wiring, then RB Services can provide you with EICR testing and determine if there are any issues that you need to know about.

You will receive a detailed report that you can use as a guideline for compliance repairs.

Derby businesses can count on RB Services to provide high-quality service. We’ve been around for many years and look forward to handling your business.