Your fixed wiring controls all your electrical components. This includes everything connected directly into the wiring and those using plugs. Time can be harsh on wiring and lead to electrical problems that could lead to injury or even death. It can also be a fire hazard. Faulty wiring could lead to the complete loss of your business that you’ve spent years growing and developing.

RB Services examines your wiring for any obvious signs of wear and tear. Also does a litany of electrical test & inspection such as, checking devices against protection for fire and electric shock. Identification of damaged to electrical fittings and accessories. Fixed wire testing in Coventry is vital to the safety of your business.

Coventry Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Testing

RB Services is your choice for Coventry fire extinguisher testing because we know all the regulations and are fast and efficient.

Each fire extinguisher will be visually inspect to make sure there isn’t any damage or corrosion that might cause problems. We also check the weight and pressure to make sure they’re within the required limits. We look at the hoses and other mechanisms and make sure they’re working properly.

Once we’re done, we’ll give you a report that outlines our findings and we’ll look forward to seeing you the following year.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire extinguishers are a vital tool for every business even if they’re never used. If a fire should break out, they could mean the difference between severe burns or everyone getting out of the building safe and sound.

You run the risk of your extinguishers not working when needed the most, if you do not have them serviced regularly. Fire extinguisher servicing in Coventry is important and required by law every year. If you need your fire extinguishers inspected, then call RB Services.

Coventry PAT Testing

You use portable appliances every day and never think about one of them failing or causing an injury. Your portable appliances are anything not connected directly into your building’s wiring. These can include everything from computer equipment to tools and freezers. Some of these machines may work 24 hours a day with no breaks and that can shorten their life span.

Portable appliance testing in Coventry is an important service. We’ll come to your business and examine all your portable appliances and make sure they are safe for use by your employees. You’ll receive a report of our findings and notification of the next suggested PAT testing in Coventry.

RB Services Is Here for You

We understand all these testing and inspections can be a pain for your business, so we work hard to make it as easy as possible. We can usually do it before you open or after you close. If it must be during work time, we’ll be as fast and efficient as possible.

For more information about our many services, please contact us today.