PAT testing is an important requirement for all businesses because it ensures your environment is safe for employees and customers. Every business in Burton Upon Trent that has portable appliances should have them periodically checked for safety.

Portable electrical appliance test can include cooking equipment, computer systems, and industrial tools. If it’s not wired directly to the building’s wiring, then it classed as a portable appliance and needs testing. RB Services can work with your schedule to make sure everything is checked promptly and efficiently.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire extinguishers need to be fully charged and ready for when a fire happens. If it isn’t then it can lead to serious injury and the complete loss of your business. RB Services can service all types of fire extinguishers with fixed prices and no hidden extras.

Fire Extinguisher Safety

Fire protection equipment is important for the safety of your business, customers, and employees. If a fire should break out, a fire extinguisher can help clear a path while you, your customers and employees get out, but only if it’s in proper working order.

The law requires businesses to have their fire extinguishers checked every year. Burton Upon Trent businesses call us to look at their fire extinguishers because of our reputation for superior service. We’re not just known for commercial fire extinguisher inspection, check out some of our other services.

Fixed Wiring Testing

When was the last time your fixed wiring was checked in your business? Is your building old or haven’t you had them checked that they meet electrical requirements? RB Services can inspect your electrical wiring to make sure it’s up to standard and is safe for everyone.

Faulty wiring can easily cause a fire or injure your employees, so don’t take a chance, and call us today.

RB Services prides itself on providing the best services possible. When businesses in Burton upon Trent need their portable appliances testing, we’re the ones that get the call.